Land For Sale Perth

Vacant land for sale near Perth beaches.

Affordably priced online advertising of vacant land for sale in Perth Western Australia for Perth property developers and private sellers of blocks of land Perth-wide.

The average price of land in Perth is about $1,000 per square metre.

The 2024 Urban Development Institute of Australia’s National Congress in Perth, revealed the median land price in Perth for an average size block of land is the most affordable in Australia, with a median new land price of $228,000. With an estimated half a percent growth per month, the median price of vacant land in Perth in 2024 would rise to $241,680 by the end of 2024.

If you have vacant land for sale in Perth, has international and Eastern Australian states buyers lined up to pay top prices for your land for sale in Perth.

Vacant land for sale Perth.
Vacant land for sale Perth.



Factors that affect the 2024 price of land for sale in Perth include:

  1. Size of blocks of land
  2. The economy, in particular the availability for Perth land buyers to raise home loan finance made more difficult when mortgage interest rates are high.
  3. The ease of Perth house construction, eg slope of the land or working in confined spaces on a block of land between three existing buildings.
  4. Block of land preparation. Does an existing building need demolition?
  5. In low laying flood-prone land. 
  6. Land location near:
    1. the Perth CBD
    2. Perth beaches
    3. shops
    4. schools
    5. public transport
    6. medical services
    7. the Swan River
    8. Perth hills
    9. flood-prone areas
    10. still water with mosquitoes
    11. smelly places
    12. noisy locations such as where hoons frequent
    13. where late-night public disorder frequently happens.

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Finding a vacant block of land for sale in Perth in the best location for your land-buying budget is the first step in having a new house built by a good new home builder in Perth.

Perth real estate agencies like REMAX have very affordable blocks of land for sale starting at prices uner $200,000 less than an hour’s drive from the Perth CBD and near some of Perth’s best northern beaches. Phone the most experienced real estate agent in Perth, Geoff Baldwin on phone number 041 3754414. Geoff has at the time of writing has vacant land for sale near Perth beaches but if not when you phone, he knows vacant land owners who can be tempted to persuade to sell their blocks of land in Perth. Geoff also does free Perth property appraisals and is a good selling agent for commercial properties in Perth.

Phone number real estate agents Perth.
Phone number real estate agents Perth.
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