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According to PropTrack, Australian property prices rose by 8% last year, which is the same as the value of shares last year according to the ASX.

How much did property prices rise in Perth?

Property prices in Perth rose by 15% in 2023, nearly double the Australian property price rise. 

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According to other sources, Perth house prices grew by 6.2% over the past year. Why? Migration to Perth and low availability of houses in Perth. In 2024 house prices are forecast to increase over the next 12 months.

Perth Median House Prices 2024.

According to the ABC median house prices at the start of 2024 are $660,754 but the percentage change in Perth house prices was over 15%. That’s the biggest increase in Perth house prices for many years.

Chart of Perth house prices, 12 month percentage increase compared to other Australian cities and median Perth house price in 2024.

Chart of Perth house prices 12 month percentage increase compared to other Australian cities and median Perth house price in 2024.

Australian average house price change Vs time:

House Prices Australia 2024

Perth House Price Statistics

Buying or selling an established house in Perth? You still need to know market rates for house prices in Perth and your suburb of Perth. This web page gives a 2024 estimate of median house prices in Perth. More exact, up-to-date, detailed Perth house price statistics can be gotten:

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Chart of Australian house prices per capita versus time compared.
Chart of Australian house prices per capita versus time compared.

Australian capital city house price surged an average of 3% in previous 3 month to early 2021 according to the ABS. Get the latest ABS Perth house price stats.

2021 house prices Perth

Population growth, low-interest rates, expats returning to Covid free Western Australia and government new home building incentives, leading to shortages of building materials and builders, have pushed up demand/price of housing.

Perth population growth chart..
Perth population growth is pushing up 2022 Perth housing prices.


Average house price sales chart Perth
Chart of Perth Metro Average House Sale Prices by Landgate.

Cost of Established Houses in Perth Compared to Building a New House in Perth

The 2020 average cost of building a new house in Perth is about $1,000 per square metre. Add to that the cost of buying a block of land for sale in Perth. That depends on the location/supply and demand. Perth property developers and new home builders in Perth work in selling house and land packages in Perth. 


One hour’s drive south of Perth, a new house on 300 square metres of land costs about $360,000.

An hour’s drive north of Perth near the coast, house and land packages cost about $400,000 for 400 square metres. Ie house and land package cost in Perth north at approx $1,000 per square metre or more depending on the quality of the build and location.

In 2020 my wife was trying to buying a 58-year-old house on 360 square metres of land for $350,000, 6km from Perth’s CBD. Compare buying the new house and land package prices, described above, with buying an existing old house and land 6km from the Perth CBD at about $1,000 per square metre. Being next-door to an electrical substation and full of white ants, I’m glad we bought 800m2 at Padbury in 2021 for $535,000 near shops and schools. That price works out at $669 per square metre.


You can buy a new house one hour’s drive from Perth or an old house near Perth for the same price.

How to get the best Perth house sale price

Home renovation in Perth will increase the value of your house but you need to be careful that you have the resources and that you’re certain your house renovation investment is worth the return on that investment. Think about it. If you paint walls purple but buyers like yellow, then you’re cutting down on the number of buyers. If you don’t renovate then you can drop the price and let buyers chose how they want to renovate.

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Property prices Perth


House and land package prices under $500,000 less than one hour to/from Perth.

Prices of vacant blocks of land for sale less than an hour from/to Perth under $200,000


house renovation services Perth.
house renovation services Perth.
Cheap online advertising for house builders in Perth.
Cheap online advertising for house builders in Perth.

Small Perth building companies might not have the time and resources for digital marketing including SEO and online advertising for builders but I do.

Western Australian Government Agency House Price Charts

The above average Perth house price sales chart data is from the Western Australian Government agency: Landgate. Link to more up-to-date Perth house price sales data from Landgate.

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