Sell commission-free private sale houses in Perth Western Australia by homeowners advertising online. To help stressed Perth house sellers, we’re offering FREE Perth house listing online advertising on this popular website in 2024. Perth house prices rose by 17% in 2024 to just under $1 million Australian dollars. Mortgage rates are on high hold with no relief in payments in sight for 2024. Don’t let the bank sell your house at rock-bottom prices. DYI or contact a buyers agent in Perth Australia who has INTERNATIONAL and EAST COAST AUSTRALIA buyers lined up ready to pay top house sale prices. Perth house price news shows 2024 is a good year for property investors and home owners to advertise DIY selling Perth houses, downsize and reinvesting profits, all commission free.

House Prices Perth 2024.
House Prices Perth 2024.

What fee do most real estate agents charge in Perth?

    • 0.5% to 1% of a house’s value is the FEE real estate agents charge in Perth to sell a house plus:
    • 2% to 2.5% of the value of a house for sale is the real estate agent commission.

Phone Ben on 0418 958 799 or experienced Perth house sales agent Geoff Baldwin on 0413 754 414 for a free Perth house selling online ad listing on this website or for commercial property sales Perth wide.

How much do Perth houses cost?

In 2024 the median price of Perth houses costs just under $1M. The price comparison chart below shows Perth house prices had the biggest price increase of all Australian capital cities. Australian property investors and their buyers agents have woken up that investing in Perth housing in the booming city of Perth is worthwhile. There are plenty of jobs, a great environment with lakes, rivers, mountains and the best beaches close to the Perth CBD, less lives wasted in traffic jams like in big east coast cities and we are closer to Asia. As an example: Geoff Baldwin the most experienced real estate agent in Perth values my house in Padbury on 700 square metres, 20 km north of the Perth CBD @ just under $700,000. ie $1,000 per square metre. Travel time takes 20 minutes by car and 17 minutes by frequent train to the Perth CBD. Cycling to Geoff’s REMAX real estate head office at Hillarys Boat Harbour takes 13 minutes.

Over the past year to early 2024 Australian house prices have had an average increase of 6.8%. With an 18.6% price growth for house sales in Perth, Perth led all Australian capital cities with the highest price growth over the past year in 2024? The price growth chart below shows record price growth in Perth not seen since 2001. Every one likes buying low and selling high but few know when the pricing bubble will burst. 2024 might be a good time to get a free property appraisal in Perth if you’re thinking about selling.

House Price Growth Chart Perth
House Price Growth Chart Perth
Perth WA lead Australia with largest year-on-year growth in house prices
2024 Perth House Prices


  1. FREE house for sale Perth online advertising. Perth house sellers invest $0 in advertising their house/s for sale. No online advertising fee on:
    1. This website
    2. Reddit’s Real Estate Perth community.
  2. NO COMMISSION which typically costs sellers thousands of dollars. Hopefully, saving sellers will pass on to buyers for a quick sale. Perth house buyers deal directly with the house sellers. Both sellers and buyers use their own settlement agents to ensure ethical, fail-safe transactions.
  3. If your house does not sell for the house sale price you want, by the time you want, I recommend Geoff Baldwin’s ethical REMAX real estate agents in a Perth suburb near you from Joondalup to Mandurah, Miland to Fremantle, Armadale to Hillarys Boat Harbour where Geoff’s REMAX head office is based. REMAX House Selling Agency Perth information and registration.
  4. House selling savings enable Perth house buyers to buy cheaper houses in Perth when sellers pass on savings with more tempting, lower house selling costs.

Want to buy a new house for sale in Perth? See information about affordably priced beach house and land packages Perth or beachside land sales Perth under $200,000. New coastal property development near the beach, near schools and new community amenities such as beachside parks.

What is a battle-axe block subdivision in Perth?
What is a battle-axe subdivision?
Above shows what a battle-axe subdivision in Perth looks like.?

Your own affordable new home near Perth beaches and less than one hour’s drive from/to Perth’s CBD. If this isn’t the 2023 new housing deal you’ve been waiting for, then what is? For more house and or land information including battle-axe block subdivision project management in Perth, phone REMAX real estate in Hillarys on telephone number 0413 754 414 or simply drive up the coast from Perth to see blocks of land available, the community infrastructure development and new display homes.


Median house prices in 2024 rose by 16% over 2023. In the March quarter compared to last year Perth surged 5.6%. With interest rate increases predicted to stop in 2024, house prices are predicted to flatten. The average market rate house sale price in Perth is approximately $700,000. I live in an average house in an average Perth northern suburb that works out at about $1,000 per square metre. I have a newer house in Thailand.  Early in 2024 vacant land with all services near Hua Hin costs about $60 per square metre. Considering labour costs for house construction is VERY cheap, it makes buying property in Thailand attractive for retirees. If you want an accurate free property appraisal by THE most experienced real estate agent in Perth – Geoff Baldwin who’s head office is upstairs at Hillarys Boat Harbour is recommended.

Phone number real estate agents Perth.


Beachside house and land sales in Perth‘s northern suburbs or vacant Perth land for sale under $200,000 are available less than one hour’s drive to/from the Perth CBD.


More PERTH HOUSE PRICE information including video. In 2021 we bought a house on 700 m2 of land for $540,000 in Perth’s northern suburbs. In 2024 Geoff Baldwin valued it at $690,000. It is the estimated 2024 median house price in Perth. It is a 2024 Perth property value in Perth’s northern suburbs of approximately $1,000 per m2. Homeowners can advertise their own house for free on this popular website. It’s also free for members of REAP while Perth real estate agent non-members of REAP it’s an affordable one-off online advertising fee per house advertised for sale on the Google Real Estate Map of Perth which is Google non-ad first for “google map real estate perth”.

In 2024 the REMAX Exchange Perth real estate agency advertises this Perth northern beaches, beachfront house for sale in the photo below.

Real estate marketing Perth.

How Sell Home More book.
How Sell Home More book.



Each house for sale in Perth can get a FREE linked pin with up to 10 photos and or videos of the house on the real estate map of Perth.

Houses for sale on the map of Perth.


Consider second-story home extensions for your house before selling or after buying a house in Perth. Increasing floor space upwards leaves valuable outdoor space intact.

Second story home extension renovation building company Perth.


Are you suffering mortage stress?
How to avoid banks foreclosure?
Don't let the bank fire sale your house.
Phone Graham 0449 898 280 to find how to avoid the banks and keep your house without stress.

2024 House Sales Prices Perth

Not only are Perth house prices affordable compared to other Australian capital cities, but the size of vacant land for sale and quality of houses for sale in Perth make Perth the best bargain for house sales prices in Australia in 2023. In addition, Perth rates higher than many Australian cities in 2024 quality of city life world rankings. rankings.


Before you sell or buy a house in Perth WA, here’s a Perth statistical comparison to consider.

Quality Life Perth city comparisons.
Quality Life Perth city comparisons.

2024 Home (houses apartments) Prices Perth

Private House Sales Online Advertising Perth

This website helps, private house sellers in Perth with low, fixed price, commission-free, online advertising of houses for sale Perth wide. However, the REMAX Exchange real estate agency in Perth does pay a spotters fee if you know someone who wants to sell their house in Perth or buy a house in Perth.
Both Perth house buyers and house owner sellers can use their own licensed (audited, government-regulated) Perth settlement agents who release funds to house sellers from escrow accounts to house sellers once the housing sales transaction clear the WA government’s agency: Landgate.

House sale referal reward Perth.
House sale referal reward Perth.


For an additional fee, we can also help you with placing online advertising of Perth houses for sale with other Perth real estate agencies websites and other popular online Australian real estate advertising websites.

We also help with your digital marketing starting with

  1. Content production includes the best virtual reality (VR) 3D photos of houses you want to sell in Perth Perth.
  2. Expert SEO of your web pages that promote your house for sale in Perth.
  3. Help Perth house building companies market houses they’ve built in a better way than spending weekends at Perth property developers‘ estates.
  4. Promote Land sales marketing in Perth.

Real estate agents Perth wide are welcome to post photos of houses for sale in Perth.

Aaverage Australian home price
At the start of 2024, median house sale price of $900K made Perth the third most affordable city in Australia to buy houses for sale.
Beach house sale perth
Luxurious house for sale on Perth's northern beaches with SPECTACULAR uninterupted views for ever over Indian Ocean sunset..
House sale Mandurah.
House for sale with big living room, big enough for a big family.
Meadow springs house for sale near Mandurah.
Located on quiet street within walking distance to multiple sought after public & private schools and shopping complexes. Only 900 metres to the beach


House flipping refers to house renovators who purchase run-down houses, renovate the house, and then resell them for a profit. Do you need a local nearby tradie to help with professional renovation services in Perth?

house renovation services Perth.
 House renovation services Perth.

Is a garden renovation and renovating a house for home improvement before selling a house in Perth worth the time and investment? It depends on:

  • If you have time to manage the house renovation project
  • How nice the house renovation is at adding value
  • If buyers like your house renovation.

After investing in house renovation with the intent to sell your newly renovated house at a higher price, you’ve included yellow and purple house painting, you’re likely to either not be able to cover renovation costs or not be able to sell unless popular fashion of house buyers changes to bold colour combinations. I personally think a vacate, clean and paint touchup up of a house for sale after removal of junk is good but not major renovation investments before selling. It saves you time and money and helps with house sales at lower prices instead of higher prices for renovated houses that buyers might not like. That way the new house buyer gets to renovate the house he/she just bought the way house buyers, not you, want to renovate.


Perth Median House Prices 2024

High-interest rates have not dampened home loan borrowing. The housing market is still white hot. With foreign students returning and new home building construction pegged by material and labour shortages, the 2024 outlook for house sale prices remains high.

The ABC’s chart has different Perth house price statistics compared to other Australian cities. Their median Perth house price is over $600,000. The percent change in Perth house prices is over 15% while I’ve seen other stats at 16%. House prices in Perth are still more affordably priced than Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne.

Chart of Perth house prices 12 month percentage increase compared to other Australian cities and median Perth house price in 2024.

If the house you want to sell was left in a mess when vacated and you don’t have time to clean it up for sale then hire Vacate Clean and Paint.

Vacate clean and paint service Perth.
Vacate clean and paint service Perth.
Perth home improvement services.



After your Perth house sells you might need a property valuer in Perth for a market price of houses you’re interested in buying to move to. Then you might need a real estate agency in Perth to help you find and buy the house with the best value and features.
Make sure the house you’re buying doesn’t have termites. Get a local Perth electrician to check the house is safe.
You might need to stay with relatives until you buy a replacement house or stay in a Perth Hotel.


Landlords. While you’re waiting to sell one of your property investments you may as well have a good property management company in Perth take care of your property investment.

Phone Property Manager Perth
Phone Property Manager Perth

Good Perth property management services include:

  1. Tenant Screening

  2. Rent Collection

  3. Property Maintenance such as Vacate Clean and Paint services.

  4. Property Inspections and good reports with photos.

  5. Accounting Services


Once your house is sold you might want a Perth buyers agent to buy another house on your behalf. This is an especially useful service if you’re too busy and or reside most of the time far from Perth. A good Perth real estate buying service for FiFo workers, eastern states of Australia and international house buyer from places like Singapore.

Perth Buyers Agency.
Perth Buyers Agency.


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