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Perth House Price Statistics

Buying or selling a house in Perth, you still need to know market rates for house prices in Perth and your suburb of Perth. This web page gives a 2019 estimate of house prices in Perth. More exact, up-to-date, detailed Perth house price statistics can be gotten:

  1. Free from Perth property valuation specialists listed at 
  2. For a small fee we’ll pay for a detailed report of the sales houses in your area of Perth.
Average house price sales chart Perth
Chart of Perth Metro Average House Sale Prices by Landgate.

How to get the best Perth house sale price

Western Australian Government Agency House Price Charts

Advertising Perth house sales far and worldwide will result in getting the best price for your house for sale in Perth.

To get the most profit from your house sale, keep Perth house sale advertising costs low.

The above average Perth house price sales chart data is from the Western Australian Government agency: Landgate. Link to more up-to-date Perth house price sales data from Landgate.

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